In connection to the fortieth anniversary of the Scout Broadcasting Station Chart (September 2005) and the fiftieth anniversary of the Scout Radio Station, later the Scout Broadcasting Station (18 May 2007) I am searching for recordings from the SCOUT BROADCASTING STATION CHART the Polish oldest chart broadcasted in the Scout Broadcasting Station from recording 1 (September 1965) to recording 1610 (November 1998).

Among others it was run by: Jacek Bromski, Pawel Koper, Jacek Olechowski, Janusz "Kosa" Kosinski, Jacek Kwiatkowski, Bogdan Fabianski, Maciej Dobrski, Pawel Stasiak, Pawel Sito and Bozena Sitek (full name is - nyla: Polish independent, Scout Broadcasting Station rock chart), editor Rafalko and editor Zegler, Jarek Matenski, Aleksander Rogozinski.

In November 1998, the Scout Broadcasting Station evolved into Radio Station and the chart changed its name into "The Week Chart". It was run by Pawel Sito, later Bartek Czarkowski, Marcin Chlopas, Marcin Ziolek. Since 26 October 2003, it has been called "Classification" and it was run by Tomek Kin. Now you can listen to the chart on Radio Station - Music of the New Generation on Sundays after 8.00 p.m as, so called, "Positions", run by Rafal Wodzinski.

The greatest artists of Polish light music scene debuted on this list. In the sixties: Czeslaw Niemen, Tadeusz Wo¼niak. In the seventies: Wojciech Skowronski, Marek Grechuta, Budka Suflera, Maryla Rodowicz, Krystyna Pronko, Boguslaw Mec. In the eighties bands like: Maanam, Perfect, Republika, Aya RL, Siekiera, Kobranocka, Kult. Heavy metal and bands like: Metallica, Type O'Negative, Faith No More, Kat, Sirrah, dominated in the nineties. Since January 1998 (recording 1564) it was possible to vote via Internet.

On the next pages I present you a summary of the 6 years, plus a few others, of Radio Station Chart from 11 November 2004 and number one from the Scout Broadcasting Station Chart and Radio Station, which it was possible to set.

Mr. Jerzy Malczynski, the author of the book "We Were First" about the Scout Broadcasting Station, informed me there was a listener who, in thick note books, had all "old" recordings. Probably, he was one of three teenagers who in the sixties (maybe even in the seventies) came and helped to count the votes for every recording. They were students of one of the nearby schools (unfortunately, we do not know which one) somewhere not far from Konopnickiej Street. Maybe they will call up???

From old press cuttings I found out that before 1972 the chart was printed in a week paper Billboard!!! If this web page is going to be visited by people living in the U.S.A., maybe they will come up with an idea of how to get to that week paper from 1965-1972. In any of the libraries in Poland there is no edition of Billboard from that time (I have checked it in a special computer system of the National Library). Unless private people who subscribed to Billboard then, call up.

I am searching for the members as well as for Mrs. Secretary of a fan club The Yardbirds set up by Janusz "Kosa" Kosinski. The fan club existed between 1965 and 1968. Club-members gathered twice a week in Jordanowski Garden, near Mostowskich Palace, next to the then civil police department. The fan club sent the recordings to those who sent in an envelope with a returnable stamp.

If you find this web page, ask your parents, uncles, aunts, older brothers...maybe somewhere at the attics in note books, they still have old forgotten and dusty recordings from this chart, maybe some press cuttings from that time. Even single recordings will be welcomed.

Best wishes... bobby-x(at)

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